This blog is a collection of inanimate transformation fetish photo-comics, captions, and manipulations that I've created.

I'm into body part transformations and a variety of inanimate transformations.  The transformations are almost always sexually humiliating in nature.  All of my transformation fantasies tend to be either forced or initially voluntary turned unintentionally permanent.  The disaster, frustration and humiliation of the transformation are essential components of the fantasy.  I enjoy fantasies with both male and female victims, but the perpetrator is usually female.  Oh, and aside from the transformation fetishes, I'm into heavier women, but not exclusively.

If you're an outsider, there's no possible way for me to explain this fetish to you; I can't explain it to myself.  All I know is that it took root so early in my life that it was years before I understood it to be sexual in nature.  I started having elaborate fantasies about being turned into helpless inanimate objects when I was prepubescent.  Strange, I know.  Fortunately, I also have plenty of normal sexual fantasies in addition to this bizarre fetish, so I'm capable of having normal sexual relationships without ever bringing these fantasies up.  I, like most of you, keep this part of my life secret from everyone I know.

This blog has no update schedule.  I create these when I have time and when I'm in the mood.  I'm only one person, and creating these can be considerably more involved than creating a typical TF photo caption, even when they don't involve photo-manipulation (the layout and design of the word balloons can take a few hours on one of these stories).

I've added a "requests" page, but please bear in mind that I create these photo-comics for my own titillation (it's not a coincidence that most of the victims of these stories have my name), so if you ask for something that isn't titillating to me, I'm not going to do it.  See the requests page for further information.

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  1. Just wanted to say I love your work. Truly amazing fetish art, whether giantess or transformation or something else, seems to have hit it's peak a few years ago, and has been declining ever since. It was so refreshing when I found your site. Your work moves me in a way that most fetish collages just can't seem to do any more. Thank you.