Saturday, April 20, 2019


Hey guys, publishing this epic long-form TF story as a single blog post was kind of making my page unwieldy, and also made it difficult to know when new parts were added! So, instead, I've busted the story up into chapters, which I will link here:

Chapter 1

Steve's sister, Dana, transforms him into a toilet and pees and shits chunks of poop into him.

Chapter 2

A pretty brunette sorority girl pees asparagus pee and shits a big solid poop log into the toilet.

Chapter 3

Steve's Mommy unloads sloppy chili dog diarrhea into him, along with a little squirt of pee.

Chapter 4

A pretty black sorority girl shits a big bean poop into the toilet, after blasting some farts into him.

Chapter 5

Steve's girlfriend Kara shits horrible, stringy greenish poops into him, while calling him cruel names. And don't forget about her cauliflower pee!

Chapter 6

Dana's BFF Kim Cho takes a shit in the toilet. The toilet is amazed at her perfectly functioning anus, which powerfully blasts perfect, spicy little poops into him like a fecal artillery cannon.

Chapter 7

A skinny, constipated sorority girl farts some truly awful ass gas into the toilet. But she's having trouble passing her huge turd, and ultimately leaves without taking a shit.

Chapter 8

A sexy brown-skinned girl takes a stinky, muddy shit into the toilet without saying a word. She is either unaware that the toilet used to be a man, or simply doesn't care at all.

Kim Cho's mother squats on the toilet and shits out a broken condom that fell off in her ass, along with some squidgy poops. The condom begs its mother for mercy, but the toilet feels no sympathy for it... at first.

I'll update this page whenever I add new chapters, but from now on, new chapters will be posted as new blog posts, so if you keep track of my front page, you'll immediately know when I post new content!

For the record, there will likely be at least twelve chapters by the time this is over, with the possibility for many more than that. Thanks for reading!


  1. This is fantastic! It's a caption of epic proportions! XD please continue this! I'd love to see his ex girlfriend or maybe even current girlfriend use him!

    1. Thanks! I plan to extend this story significantly, but people will have to be patient! And I am already planning something like what you're asking for!

  2. The story behind the development of this one is long. A long time ago, I started writing a sort of toilet TF novella.

    I've seen people elsewhere on the internet criticize inanimate TF stuff as repetitive, but that always just told me that they don't have the same fetish that I do, because for me, that's a big part of it - the thought of being stuck in this existence where your life is only about this one thing, over and over again, forever. So a longer story about an inanimate TF will naturally be repetitive, and that's part of what's exciting about it, to me anyway.

    So I started writing this text-only story about a toilet TF with the idea that I'd describe every single detail of each and every time the toilet got used, describing every action and the toilet's reaction in great, disgusting, repetitive detail, until the toilet eventually got dialed in to thinking exactly like a toilet should. Maybe it would be hundreds of pages long, each chapter being a different woman who used him.

    So that's why there's like six pages of content of a woman with diarrhea not being sure if she's done, wiping, pooping again, wiping, etc. The only variety in a toilet's life are these minor, disgusting bathroom details, and so those are what drive his story.

    Anyway, that project kind of got abandoned a year or two ago, halfway through the fifth chapter.

    Separately, I had this set of videos of a lot of different women using the same toilet, and was planning a different toilet TF story where I would use them. As I started to put it together, I got the idea of merging it with the abandoned material from the toilet novella, and here we are.

    There's still a few typos I've caught that I have to go back and fix because as I adapted the toilet novel stuff to the new story, I missed a few references to characters and events that only happened in the old novel. For example, in the toilet novel, no one the toilet knew had used him, and so none of the women had names. There's still one typo reference to a fat woman having used the toilet first, rather than his sister Dana. I have the typo logged and I'll fix it eventually.

    So, that's where we're at now. I still have enough videos of this toilet to make the story much, much longer, but I've burned through almost all of the useful material from my abandoned toilet novel, so progress will be slower from now on. What I did here took about a week, and that was with a lot of the writing already done, so don't expect the rest of the story tomorrow or anything. It will take time.

    I plan to post the rest more-or-less as I create it, though, so stay tuned to this entry if you want to see the rest. Thanks for reading!

    1. The latest addition is unbearably intense! ;)

  3. Brilliant! The "Paradise Lost" of toilet transformation stories.

  4. I feel like there was something else there with the unaware girl. She kept talking to her butt...I think maybe that might be another victim.

    1. Well, she IS a member of a witches' sorority... :)