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I know that most of you aren't going to leave comments on these stories.  I get that this is a weird fetish, and that most of you are too embarrassed to communicate with anyone else about it, even anonymously.  That's cool, I get it; I'm probably one of the least interactive of the TF bloggers out there, so I understand.  That said, please at least try to leave ratings on the posts you enjoy.  It's anonymous and it's just a single mouse click!

I'll admit that I don't really curate my blog based on that kind of feedback - as I've stated elsewhere, I create these for my own titillation more than anything - but I still do enjoy your feedback, even if just for the sense of camaraderie that comes from knowing that there are other people in the world who share these kind of bizarre fantasies with me.  So do try to vote on the star ratings at the bottom of each post.

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  1. Hi there, big fan of your work. Good ideas and above average execution. Very much appreciate that you use decent sized images and actually proof read your text. Nice focus on humiliation and long term servitude + the psychological impact that accrues with it. The lives of Vagina Americans is probably my favorite.

    I've been doing some similar captions for a while, mostly on imagefap as Painfullytwisted. I recently started a blogspot page as well, mostly inspired by yours. Currently just panty transformations but I plan to add more shortly. Maybe even my older stuff from imagefap. Anyway, give it a look if you're interested and keep up the great work. Twistedtransformations.blogspot.com

    1. Hey, thanks for the kind words! I just wanted to say I really like your work too!