Thursday, January 10, 2019

Bakery In Her Bowels

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  1. This story was inspired by a request on my Requests page. A fan of the story Taste Sarah's Rainbow had really loved the idea of a loved one using someone as a toilet because they genuinely believe it is the right thing to do. I also think that idea is really hot, and I've actually played around with it to some degree in a lot of stories (like this one, this one, this one, and this one).

    What's funny is that, unlike the requestor, I always assumed that Sarah's motives were a little insincere in Taste Sarah's Rainbow. It's all in the way I wrote her justification for using Steve as a toilet, which I'll paraphrase here: "Mom says I should just assume that you like my poops, because I'll never really know what you think anyway." There's nothing in Sarah's justification that says she thinks it is likely that Steve will enjoy her poops; maybe she thinks there is only a 0.001% that he actually likes them. What is important to Sarah is that she never has to find out that Steve doesn't love her poops, which really says nothing about her desire to do the right thing for Steve; it only speaks to her desire to not feel guilty for doing terrible things to Steve. Her motives seemed selfish and willfully delusional, to me, although it is a really fun and sexy reading to assume she genuinely believes that her cheeseburger poops are going to taste good to her brother, instead of merely selfishly deciding to believe that they are going to taste good to him, without evidence.

    Anyway, this new story is not ambiguous at all about Jessica's motives. She really does think she is doing the right thing for her brother, and has reasons for believing this: she has read that many transformation victims love being used (which is true, although it does not seem to be true at all for her poor brother), and she is so vain that she believes her poops actually smell good (because she isn't aware that everyone perceives the smell of their own poops differently to the smell of other peoples' poops). She genuinely believes she's doing something nice for Steve.

    Sometimes even little graphic design details can turn me on. For instance, in Taste Sarah's Rainbow, I loved the digusting little detail that "Rainbow" in the title was spelled out in a rainbow of Sarah's poop colors. I tried to use that detail in the design of this title. "Bakery" is spelled out in an array of nice pastel colors that you might see as frostings at a bakery — this is how Jessica sees her poops. In contrast, "Bowels" is spelled out in an array of gross poop colors — this is the horrid reality of her poops.

    Hope you guys enjoy!