Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Transanimated Soapbox #1

Hey all, I’ve never really done this before, but I thought I’d write a journal-style post with some thoughts about my latest TF stories, thoughts on the nature of this fetish, and so on. I'll probably do more like this. Think of it as a little Transanimated newsletter.

All these single page toilet transformations

I’ve been having a good time writing all these single-page toilet TFs I’ve been posting lately. I’ve got a large collection of one- or two-photo sets that aren’t useful for doing longer stories, and it’s been a lot of fun spending the last week riffing on toilet TF scenarios without having to do anything too elaborate.

In the last week, I’ve done toilet TFs that were voluntaryaccidentalintentional for psychotic motivesintentional for mundane motivesintentional as a random act of cruelty, and intentional as punishment. These toilets have had users who were disgustedlovingobsessedplayfulindifferent, and vindictive. The toilets mostly hated their experiences, although at least one or two showed signs of eventually learning to love their new lives.

All of these scenarios turn me on because they all reflect some form of female domination one might experience in everyday life. Even Jessica, the loving sister from Bakery In Her Bowels, is dominating her brother with love by assuming that she knows what’s best for him without asking him. Aunt Edna bears no ill-will against her nephew in Auntie's Poopin' Pot, but his experience means so little to her that she’s comfortable with cursing him to an eternity of disgusting servitude as her toilet just to avoid a minor inconvenience on her part; she dominates him with her indifference to his existence. In Pervert’s Remorse, Kate utterly dominates Steve with her disgust for his perversion; it disgust that led her to demand that he silence himself so that she would never have to speak to him again, and it was that silence spell that resulted in Steve being trapped with his self-annihilating decision forever.

With the extremely dissimilar motivations of love, indifference, and disgust, these three women each nonetheless dominated their respective men into existence as mere servile objects. That’s sexy.

What transformation stories are about, to me

I’ve been asked a few times why I never do toilet/diaper TFs where the transformed person volunteers for the transformation and then immediately enjoys their experience. It’s surprising to me that there are people who are interested in the kind of gross femdom TF that I specialize in who want the TF to be so easy for the transformed person. In the closest story to this scenario that I’ve ever done, A Diaper’s Duty, the diaper volunteers for his transformation without being asked, and never explicitly regrets his decision or asks to be transformed back into a man (indeed, he asks not to be changed back when his user offers); however, he is not portrayed as taking pure pleasure in his diaper existence. He struggles to contain his disgust as his female user fills him up with her poop and pee, and when he faces a disgusting eternity as a dirty diaper buried in a landfill, he is afraid. Although the diaper’s insane sexual obsessions led it to choose its own fate, the diaper’s user does ultimately act as a female dominator, because she witnesses the diaper struggle with his grotesque new reality, and yet is merely amused to watch and even aid him on his sexually depraved path to self-annihilation and eternal fecal damnation.

To me, the unpleasantness is an essential part of the submission fantasy. In the most basic form of the fantasy, I am compelled to submit to some unpleasant and disgusting situation by some dominating, feminine force; it’s that female domination itself that is sexually exciting.

Of course, I write plenty of stories where the transformed person winds up taking great pleasure in their new existence. Indeed, in the very recent Hey, I Think He Likes Shit!!!, the toilet boy already seems to be taking pleasure in his new reality, in spite of himself. But in my stories, this is always implied to be a new state of mind that is imposed upon the objectified man (or objectified woman, although I usually write male victims) by his female dominator, who crushed his formerly human mind into absolute and final submission. And again, it’s that domination that turns me on, in and of itself. Without the domination element, a toilet/diaper TF femdom story would really just be a story about a woman agreeing to pleasure a man in an unconventional way, with the woman enjoying herself for no other reason than the fact that the man is getting what he wants. In my view that’s pretty much the complete opposite of a femdom fantasy.

I won’t be surprising any fans of my work by stating that I have a female fart fetish. This isn’t because my smell receptors are scrambled such that a woman’s fart smells like a cinnamon pastry to me. The more awful the fart smells, the better; the thing that turns me on is that a woman’s ass is forcing me to smell this awful odor (it will also come as no shock to any of you that I’m a straight-up ass man ‘til the end of days); her farting ass is dominating me. Eventually, the smell itself did, in a sense, become physically pleasant to me, but only because it’s associated with the original psychological/mental pleasure of female domination.

So that magical process that compels toilets to enjoy being toilets in many of my TF fantasies? It actually mirrors the real-life reality of the growth of a sexual fetish. It starts with the feeling of being dominated by some otherwise unpleasant thing — let’s keep using female farts as an example — which puts me into a pleasant/excited/sexually receptive state due to some innate sexual obsession with being dominated or humiliated. Eventually, female farts become so inextricably tied to this feeling of excitement that the stink of the farts themselves becomes physically pleasurable. And of course, that sexual obsession with domination that started me down this path to finding pleasure in smelling a lady’s farts isn’t something I chose; it was just there, thrust upon me against my will by nature or nurture or whatever.

I have no idea where that initial obsession comes from, all I know is that I, personally, can trace the growth of this obsession back to my early childhood; I'll write a lot more on that in the next Soapbox. So in a sense, all of these TF fantasies I have of being transformed against my will and eventually being twisted into loving my pathetic, grotesque new existence are just fun-house mirror reflections of my real life sexual experience as a guy with fetishes.

What about you guys? What turns you on about this stuff? Leave a comment!


  1. I love the cruelty the owners express on their new sentient objects, but mixed with a delightful indifference XD

    1. Yeah, I think I love the indifference even more than I love the direct cruelty. A woman saying, "Eh, that guy can just live life as a toilet from now on, I don't really care one way or the other," just being totally indifferent to a man's existence, is something I find insanely sexy.

    2. I like to imagine the psyche of a witch... why would a person with the power to turn other people to any object consider them as useless individual rather than useful items? I mean, for such person, the living objects have utility, and therefore she would have not any real emotional attachment to them.

      In this way, simple indifference would be more proper way to act.

      One, or even perhaps my favorite caps of your is "The Food Chain", that express that naturalness in which the witch just turn someone because she wants a snack... and nothing more.

      The object could scream "why??!!"... and the only reply would be "Why not? ;D" ...

      However, I have thought on other similar scenario with some variations of that psyche, for example, witch that loves to turn people because she actually believes that giving a purpose is a good thing, of course this is just an exercise of narcissism, but for that witch, turning a girl into a Q-tip would be a "nice gesture", something like "I'm making you useful, you're welcome XD"

  2. What a fantastic write up, I am enjoying this soapbox idea.

    It is really interesting how you have brought up these various scenarios that cover a wide range of different motives and the respective reactions to it. Without having said so yourself, I probably would not have taken notice to that fact but I appreciate the work all that much more now that I understand just how widely it has varried within the past week alone! The end result is still some form of female domination, and just like with you, I feel it is a large driving force in what excites me as well.

    Now onto answering your original question, what turns me on? A large part of it is also the female domination, there's something inside that wants me to be friends with everyone, and if I could, I would try my best to please others even at my own expense. I think that innate nature could extend towards one of these scenarios, while also bringing me towards my own breaking point. But beyond that, I also love the long term effects of such a transformation, what it does to a person's mind as they have been degraded into something so lowly over the course of weeks, months, years even. Would the witch still care for the object after all this time, or love them? Would they maybe assist in training the object into "acceptance" (I'll put that in quotes), or would they leave that to mother nature? But the fierce struggle is always a recurring theme, no story is complete without the horrid humiliation and desire to change back once all is said and done. Even though any sexual torment, this degrading feeling will always be a constant.

    I've rambled on a bit, and I'm not sure if I've fully answered

    1. Oh man, I’ve seen that kind of “overly helpful human doormat” scenario in other TF, but I’ve never really done much of it myself, have I? I think Menstrual Aid is the closest I’ve come, but in that story the tampon’s motives were implied to be a bit selfish (he just wanted to get a date, and maybe he even thought it’d be a little sexy to be Mei’s tampon, temporarily). But I’ve never really done a scenario where a totally selfless, pathetic pushover agrees to a transformation just to be helpful. That’s an insanely sexy scenario to me.

      “Oh, you’re waiting for a new toilet to be installed later today and you have an upset tummy after our trip to Taco Bell and you’re freaking out and it’d be super helpful if I could become a toilet for like 30 minutes or so? O-okay, I guess I can do that. I mean, I definitely want you to feel better!” Or maybe, “You’re going on a date with a guy you’ve had a crush on for months and you’re freaking out and having body-image issues and crying because you’re worried your butt is too flat? You haven’t learned any simple body part enlargement spells, but you know how to make your butt big if I’ll agree to become your butt, just for tonight? I-if it’ll make you happier, I’ll definitely do it! I just want you to be happy!”

      And then the friends take advantage of your goodwill and pushover personality. “The hardware company just called and said the toilet would be a week late. You can be my toilet for another week, right? It’s just one week. Pleeease?” Or, “Jason asked me out again next Friday! That’s not really enough time to learn a better spell to enlarge my butt, so can you pleeeease stay my butt until then? Being my butt isn’t that bad, right? I mean, I know pooping wasn’t too nice — sorry about that — but now that you’re used to it, it probably won’t be too bad, right? Please please please!” In both scenarios the guy is just like, “Sigh... alright, that’s okay. I can be like this for a little longer, if it’s helpful.”

      And unlike many of my other TF victims, the pushover is so nice that he feels like he can’t even complain about the taste of her poops or the smell of her farts or any of the other humiliating and disgusting aspects of his situation because he’s afraid it will hurt her feelings! So he suffers in silence and even tries to minimize his gagging so his friend won’t hear it.

      And, of course, ultimately, the pushover’s friend betrays him. “Oh, I cancelled that new toilet I ordered. I saved $150, and you seem like you’re fine being a toilet. It’s actually pretty disgusting how okay you are with being my toilet, no offense.” Or, “I’m afraid that any other butt alteration spell won’t jiggle like you do. Jason likes this butt, so let’s just stop talking about ever reversing the spell, mm’kay? We can still be best buds... a girl and her ass, hehe!” Maybe the pushover even agrees to this final indignity and complete annihilation of self in order to help his friend, or maybe his feelings are so hurt that he finally starts crying, prompting his friend to cast a silence spell on him to get him to stop being such a crybaby. Both possible endings are super sexy to for different reasons: in the former ending (“pushover agrees”), the pushover has been so thoroughly dominated that he now thinks so little of himself that asking him to live the disgusting life of an object forever to help someone else out seems like a reasonable request to him. The latter ending (“pushover silenced”) focuses more on the vampiric nature of the female dominator, showing that all of the pushover’s personal sacrifices have really meant nothing to her.

      Ah god, so hot! Thanks so much for your comment, this is exactly what I was hoping this Soapbox idea would invite! I love reading people’s detailed thoughts on what’s arousing to them about this fetish and how they relate to it!

    2. Oh, one more thing: I’ll definitely be writing more Soapbox entries (I've already started on the next one, although I'll wait a little while until I post it). Honestly, it was even exciting to me to write down my own thoughts on this stuff. I’d never really expressed them in such detail before, even to myself!

    3. What you have just written up above has really opened up the door on how I considered these pushover transformations. It is amazing how you have separated them into two variations: 'pushover agrees' and 'pushover silenced', and in addition to those I think your approach was a rather unique one preying upon unsuspecting individuals in a more drawn out matter. In this case, where they were told it would be temporary, just a day or so. Then again with their transformation extended before finally being sealed as such. I love it! There's a certain, beautiful depravity in how you wrap them up in the permanent transformation- the self annihilating acceptance or the final moment where they cannot take it anymore before crying and being silenced. It is all so incredibly arousing to think about it!

      That said, I had also pictured it slightly differently so maybe I can throw yet another angle your way. Perhaps this way falls under the 'pushover agrees' umbrella, but it would start and end with the permanent transformation. In this case it does not even require a friend, it could be a newly moved in neighbor, a beautiful mature gift shop owner, or someone the victim had recently met. Think of how a virgin who maybe thinks they saw something in this woman, would chase it down in the highest hopes that it could lead to a very special night. There's a strong willed woman who knows how to call all the shots, and the victim is so deeply enamored by her confidence and strength, he tags along for the ride all the way to its final destination.

      The whole scenario could even begin as a date with the female revealing herself to be a witch, and perhaps force her greatest fantasy on the victim saying how it is a huge turn on wanting to permanently transform someone into something deeply humiliating. (Read this in a teasing, overly excited female's voice) "I want to turn a young man into a toilet FOREVER! Oh yeah, I want that so so badly, be my toilet? Please please please! You would be all mine, and you would make such an amazing toilet." The victim wouldn't necessarily want it for themselves, but ultimately they want to please this woman and fulfill her greatest fantasy since she wants it so much. I mean, how could you say no to something like that when you have never been with another woman? It is a once in a lifetime chance, just think of how much pleasure you could bring a woman, not just her deliver it to you.

      There's so many different twists and turns you can take with this idea, I feel like as I've been typing this out I've also lost a few thoughts in my head because I just can't keep up with how many race in my mind. The witch could maybe find herself disappointed in the transformation, like a virgin finishing too quickly. It could be that he didn't cry enough and she decides to move onto her next victim already. Or perhaps she's so taken by the transformation, she makes it a special point to try and train her new object into thinking like an object should. Maybe she tries to pull a fast one, and instead of turning the man into her own personal toilet, she turns him into a urinal in her shop knowing fully well he was into women and she manipulated him all this time. (Ok, that last one is really nasty!)

      There's so many combinations of the above to be explored, we must have barely scratched at the surface. Maybe reading this has given you entirely new and unique approaches! I can't wait to see the next soapbox entry, I don't know how it fairs among others on here, but it is really opening up my views - and I thought I already had a very open mind. It has been so wondefully liberating writing about this, perhaps you in some sense feel the same way!

    4. You know, as a guy who runs an inanimate TF blog where he's posted hundreds of pages of his own TF fetish stories, I'm probably more open with myself about my fetish than most. And yet, there is something extremely liberating about talking about my fetish as myself, rather than writing stories about it!

      You know, until I wrote this Soapbox article, I don't think I'd ever written, spoken, or even thought the sentence, "I have a female fart fetish." Of course, I didn't need to say this to know that I had a female fart fetish — I've written tons of stories featuring farts, I have a large collection of fart fetish porn I've bought from models on Clips4Sale, and if a girl loudly farts around me, I'll get a fuckin' erection — but there's still something extremely liberating about just stating it! And I love seeing other people share what it is that they love about this kind of inanimate TF!

      It's funny, when you say that you hope this inspires me, I'd hope that it inspires you to create some TF stories of your own! This whole thing has become a ritual to me — creating these captions/comics is the closest that I can get to making a lot of these off-the-wall fantasies into realities. I'd love it if you guys started bringing your fantasies into reality, too!

  3. Hey there! Love the detailed post. One Poo Love is my favorite of your recent ones, both because the girl is cute and because I love the "love/obsession" angle - it's rare!

    My favorite aspects of your stories are when the victim experiences extreme sexual pleasure that goes against his thoughts and forces him to surrender a little. LOVE the parts in porcelain where it's like he's being fucked when flushed and he loves it. So good. Really like it when they grow to embrace their fate.

    I personally like pee/tampon/TP a lot more than shit/farts so I tend to gravitate toward those posts. My favorite of yours were actually the ones where someone was TFed into actual pee and experienced extreme pleasure while being pissed out, smelling and tasting of the girl's flavor, warm from her body, only to be trapped like that forever. Super hot.

    1. I think One Poo Love was the first story I'd ever written where the witch was motivated by that kind of obsession. As I wrote it, I thought of the character Elmyra from the old Tiny Toons Adventures cartoon, who was obsessed with cute animals and would embrace and fondle them to the point of torturing them, all while ranting about how much she loved them. I also, of course, thought of Sally from Peanuts and her obsessive stalking of Linus — it was Sally's pet name for Linus, "my Sweet Babboo", that inspired Becky's pet name for Steve, "my sweet Stevie-Poo". Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

      Becoming poop or pee and just being evacuated from a woman as excrement is a fantasy I've had for a long, long time, as I detail in the latest Soapbox. It's the lowest and most demeaning a femdom TF can possibly go. What form could possibly make you lower and more disposable to a woman than being her excrement? You don't even get to serve her, like a tampon or a toilet or a wad of toilet paper or a diaper would. You're just useless, disgusting waste that came out of her bottom, and she'll flush you down the drain without a second thought.