Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Diaper's Duty


  1. Damn, man. You've been back at it full force.

    1. Yeah, I've been on a tear lately! I hope everyone understands that the current rate I'm putting stuff out there can't be sustained indefinitely.

      I've put out nine TF stories this week. That might not sound like a huge amount, but to put things in better perspective, I've put out 44 pages of TF photocomics this week. Not to sound full of myself, but every page of my TF work takes a lot more design effort than the average TF caption. Speech bubble design and placement alone adds a lot of extra time and effort over the average TF caption approach of showing a photo and a block of text next to one another (in other words, an actual caption). That's why I tend to call these things "photocomics" rather than "captions". So let's be pretty conservative and assume the design effort in what I've posted this week is equal to 50 standard TF captions.

      A TF caption artist who put out 50 captions in 50 days would be considered extremely prolific. I just put out that amount of work in 7 days. I've been on a roll and essentially all of my free time for the past week has been devoted to this. But I have a life and I also have all of the same dumb time-wasting hobbies you guys do... I play video games, I watch television, etc., etc.

      So, I guess what I'm saying is, when my productivity on this blog drops off - when, not if, as it's only a matter of time - don't necessarily assume I've gone dark again. I might just be slowing down my investment in this blog to a more sustainable level - I'm going to have to eventually. Although until such a time as you guys start paying me a salary with benefits, I do, of course, reserve the right to go dark at any time for any reason without any explanation. I don't work for you, fellow weirdos.

      For now though, I've been feeling a strong compulsion to work on this stuff. I thought I'd exhausted my current well of ideas today, and then I sat down and banged out Dildo Bro from out of nowhere. So who knows how long this tear is going to last for! This month is already the most prolific month this blog has had since 2012, the year of its creation!