Monday, August 14, 2017

Mommy's Poop Bin For Life


  1. These caption stories, the butthole tf ones, and the sex toy (both dildo and buttplug) ones are so amazing. Keep it up dude, please don't go away again :(

    1. Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoy my stuff! I can't say how long I'll be back for, but I'll say I have at least two more updates in various stages of completion: a 7-page body part TF story, and a 2-page story which features an oft-requested type of TF that I've never done before!

      I want to say this next part gently, because I love that there are people who enjoy my stuff enough to be sad when I go inactive, but... I find the sad sack whining about my periods of inactivity a little annoying. In fact, a few years ago, I had a flurry of activity, and was still feeling the urge to do more, when I suddenly got busy and didn't post an update for like, maybe a week or two, tops. The next comment I got was a fan complaining about my "short-lived return"! I wasn't even planning to go dark yet, but it was so irritating to me that I wound up disappearing early.

      This is a way weird fetish and a lot of fans are too shy about it to drop a compliment in the comments. It's a quiet fan base... most are even too shy to give ratings to stuff they like! That's fine, I get it. But it can be a little frustrating when it feels like a quiet fan base is quicker to complain about not getting this (free!) stuff I put out there than they are to praise it when they do get it!

      I mean, anyone with this fetish can make content, so why's this relationship so one-sided, anyway? I know my work is a little more involved than average, but anyone with no art skills could totally whip up some great TF captions using Microsoft Paint. I've been excited and inspired by captions made using ugly type in Paint by creators with poor graphic design skills and poor command of English, because it's really the concepts that get my motor running more than that fluff (although the fluff is nice to have, which is why I put the time in to make sure it's there in my own work).

      I think I talked in a previous comment about how seeing a comment someone left on another blog that said, "I will serve as a toilet should!" was crazily exciting to me and my own weird fetish, to the point where I've borrowed that phrase for multiple stories. So if you find yourself frustrated by the fact that I go inactive all the time, leave comments on your favorite posts talking about how you feel about the transformations, or even better, make some of your own captions, toss them on your own Blogspot page, and send me a link! You never know, maybe your work will inspire your favorite creators to make more stuff, or maybe it will inspire someone new who's even better to get started!

      In fact, one of the new TFs I'm working on was inspired by a caption made by Painfullytwisted of Twisted Transformation Captions (linked to the right), who told me his TF captions were inspired by my own. So these fetish ideas can fuel themselves with a more active community! It's such a small community that it's easy for someone to have an impact like this!

      Thanks again for the kind words! And if any of you find yourselves bemoaning the fact that the community is dead... make a secret, anonymous email account and chip in!