Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mr. Diapie Gets Messed In


  1. I've gotten a lot of requests for diaper TF stories, but I never thought they were my thing until I read the excellent diaper caption at Twisted Transformation Captions (link is on my list of TF blogs). I wound up really enjoying this one and think I'll make more.

    The second part of the story wasn't originally planned, but when I wrote the first part, I included a note for myself at the end: "Imagine meditating on the flavors, scents, and textures of a dump a girl took into your diaper body, for 10,000 years." That idea wound up being really exciting to me and I wrote this whole involved epilogue. I love the idea that the dirty diaper thinks of the poop as its romantic companion. I really like the idea of transformation victims confusing object experiences (being wrapped around feces) with human experiences (embracing a lover). I've also done some toilet TF stories that touched on that idea.

    Anyway, I hope the diaper TF fans enjoy this one.

    1. I'm especially loving your epilogues, these are becoming the best part of your blog and that's coming from someone who's not a diaper TF fan. The long term permanent transformations never really get explored, at least until you've come along!

    2. Thanks!

      Yeah, both of those epilogues were unplanned (I'm assuming you're referring to the text dump at the end of "A Really Big Turd & One Last Talk" as the other recent epilogue)! I just started daydreaming about what it would mean to be trapped in such a role for so long a time, started writing stuff without intending to publish it, then decided both pieces belonged as part of the final story!

      You might have noticed that I don't have "temporary"/"permanent" tags on my blog like some other TF writers do. That's because I've literally never written a single story about a temporary transformation - they just aren't exciting to me. Even when I've read temporary TF stories that I've liked, I always imagine my own alternative ending in which the object never becomes human again.

      So, I actually have done a lot of stories that have single page or single panel epilogues that revisit the protagonist much later, often finding that he has devolved to thinking much more like the object he's become. But these recent epilogues are definitely the first times where I've really dwelled on just how long the former people have existed as objects. It's tough to tell that part of the story with my usual photo-comics, which is why both of these epilogues were walls of text (accompanied by small images that are less central to the composition). I really like both and I'll probably do more!

      Glad you enjoyed!